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This GPA calculator calculates your grade point average using a 4.33 or 4.0 scale. The GPA Scales can be found here: 4.33 GPA Scale and 4.0 GPA Scale.

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letter grade

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GPA (Grade Point Average)

green check mark

Hint -- If your school does not use credits, simply input "1" in the "credits" section for each course.

Note -- The conversion scales used in this GPA calculator are accepted by most institutions. However, if there is a scale that you would like to see added, let us know in the comments section below!

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# Grade (%) Weight (Credits)
1 red x mark
2 red x mark
3 red x mark
4 red x mark
5 red x mark
6 red x mark
7 red x mark
8 red x mark
9 red x mark
10 red x mark
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